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When I started this website, I knew my lack of programming skills would be the weak link. This was definitely going to be a brute force and ignorance approach to web design. I had always envisioned using the bike geometry calculator with an overlay of the original and modified geometry, like I had done in Excel, but honestly, I didn’t know where to start with that sort of functionality in a web-friendly language.

Well lucky for me (and maybe for you too, if you’re using the site), I found a way to make it happen. 

So, allow me to introduce the new and improved Bike Geometry Calculator, now with color coded bike overlays to compare geometry visually and a much more detailed bike fit section.

Bike Geometry Calculator

A number of people got in contact with me with some requests for specific fit calculations. Lee McCormack’s RAD and RAAD seem to be very popular with people these days. I personally don’t use that method for sizing my bikes but I’ve included it since it’s so easy to work out, given that all the required parameters to calculate it are now available in the calculator.

I’ve included effective seat tube angles at multiple positions and seated fit measurements (seat to grip distance) at multiple saddle heights and including saddle setback or fore/aft positions.

The calculator is much better as a result of these changes. You can still keep it simple and look only at the impacts to the classic bike frame measurements, or you can dial it in even further with all sorts of new bike fit parameters related to saddle and  handlebar positions on the original and modified geometry.

I’ve got some more updates planned to explain some of the bike fit terms better but it will take me some time to get them up. I think most things speak for themselves, so feel free to use the calculator as is in the meantime.

Now that I’ve figured out how to overlay bikes, I’m planning on putting out a new calculator to plot an overlay of up to 4 bikes, allowing for a visual comparison of bikes. No geo mods on this one, just an overlay of stock bikes. Perfect for someone shopping for a new ride who has multiple options in mind. Perhaps you will enter your current bike and three options you’re considering. Or maybe you overlay multiple bikes you already own to see how they compare. In any case, I use this thing in Excel all the time, so might as well get it up onto the site…stay tuned.