Welcome to the MAD SCIENTIST MTB site

I put this site together on a whim with the intent of providing what I viewed as a more functional bike geometry calculator. If my fellow bikers agree with me, it’ll find its niche audience. If not, well…at least I developed some new skills while recovering from surgery and itching to get back on my bike. 

I do have plans to continue developing the site. A few riders have reached out to me with specific requests to include some additional bike fit parameters in the calculator. That’s a start.

My goal is to figure out how to plot the bikes visually. Once I figure that out, I’ll put up an overlay of the results of the bike geometry calculator and develop another calculator to overlay two or more bikes. The About page covers my original work on this in trusty Excel about 4 years ago. 

Send me a message through the Contact page if you come across the site and have any ideas to improve it. 

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