A bike geometry calculator to determine the impact on your bike’s geometry for a number of modifications including installation of angle adjusting headsets, mulleting your bike, changing fork travel or offset, changing lower headset cup or extended crown race, chainstay length.

The calculator also accounts for bike fit measurements, including Rider Area Distance (RAD) measurement. 

Compare and overlay the geometry and fit of up to 3 stock bikes plus one modified bike. Ideal for comparing your current bike to a few options for your next one. 

A simple calculator to estimate your tire’s rolling diameter based on wheel diameter and tire width.

A bike geometry calculator to determine sagged hardtail geometry at a specified sag or travel value or to determine a bike’s geometry with a rigid fork of known axle-to-crown length. Check out the Rigid Fork Axle-to-Crown Calculator to determine your ideal rigid fork length. 

A calculator to determine the ideal rigid fork axle-to-crown length needed to maintain the bike’s geometry in a neutral riding position when changing a suspension fork to a rigid fork. If changing from a rigid fork to a suspension fork, I recommend using the Sagged Hardtail Geometry Calculator with the rigid bike as the current bike (left column) and experiment with suspension fork options to approximately match the sagged geometry (right column) with the current rigid geometry.

A calculator to determine the proportions required of two oils to blend to a target viscosity and volume. Handy for those who prefer to use less expensive motorsports suspension fluids and need to mix oils to achieve similar viscosity to the OEM fork fluid.