Looking to calculate your bike’s geometry for changes to fork travel, wheel sizes your bike, anglesets, or any other common geometry modifications? Or maybe you want to directly compare geometry and fit of multiple bikes? Includes measurements such as RAD to size your bike.

A bike geometry calculator to compare static and sagged hardtail geometry or to compare a sagged hardtail to a static full suspension for a better comparison between the two styles of bike.

A simple calculator to estimate your tire’s rolling diameter based on wheel diameter and tire width.

A calculator to determine the ideal rigid fork axle-to-crown length needed to maintain the bike’s geometry in a neutral riding position when changing a suspension fork to a rigid fork.

This one is a break from the geometry focus. Use this calculator to determine the proportions required of two oils to blend to a target viscosity and volume. Handy for those who prefer to use less expensive motorsports suspension fluids and need to mix oils to achieve similar viscosity to the OEM fork fluid.