New update to compare bike geometry and fit

I added a new page to the site about a week ago. The Multiple Bike Geometry Comparison Tool allows comparison of frame geometry or fit, including cockpit measurements, of 2 to 4 bikes. I’ve used this tool to size up my last two bikes and to start the design process of my new custom Marino hardtail (more on that to come in a future blog post). I’ve helped out a few friends and family members just in the past year alone with sizing up their last bike purchases and it’s worked out great for them. It’s a solid way to evaluate your options when looking at new bikes, allowing you to compare the size, fit, and overall geometry of your current bike to a few options you’re considering before you get a chance to throw a leg over them. Super helpful these days with the bike shortage and lack of demo days.

It can also be used to dial in the fit of your current bike, comparing multiple options for simple cockpit modifications like changing stems, handlebars or saddle positions.

I’ve also added a new calculated fit parameter on this calculator and the Bike Geometry Calculator called Steering/Hands Offset. It’s a Lee McCormack measurement that a user of the site requested to be added. You can read more about it in Lee’s Pinkbike article.

This calculator includes everything you need to dial in your bike fit and that means I’ve included the ever popular RAD measurement (bottom bracket to end of grips distance) as a calculated output for those of you that size your bikes this way.

One last thing – I’ve noticed an uptick in the number of users on the site in the last couple weeks and I haven’t been pushing it, so people are clearly finding it organically, which is great. I’m happy to get feedback and suggestions through the Contact page or @madscientistmtb on Instagram. Help spread the word!