X Marks the Spot

The Bike Geometry Calculator has had a bit of a refresh. Most noticeably, three new features have been added:

  • The tire diameter calculator is now included as an option within the calculator for inconvenience instead of linking to a separate page. 
  • There is now an option to enter the defining rear dimension of the bike using either the chainstay length or the rear center length. The other parameter is calculated automatically. 
  • And lastly, my favorite new feature is a top view of the bike, with a focus on the cockpit and an X marking the mid-saddle position on the bike. 

It’s also worth noting that I’ve chosen to change the way handlebar rotation is handled, so that 0° is now aligned vertically, regardless of any modifications made to the geometry, on the assumption that you’ll take the time to reorient your bars back to their neutral position.

If you notice anything not behaving correctly, please get in touch through the Contact page.