An Update on the Future of the Site

Update from July 12, 2024:

Thanks to your support, we’ve raised the $300 to cover the upcoming web hosting renewal. Many thanks to all who contributed!

Original post: I launched this site in March 2021 in the era of pandemic lockdowns. I was recovering from injury and surgery and looking for a project that would occupy my time and serve a greater purpose. We’re now coming up on 4 years of this site being online and the hosting plan is coming up for renewal.

The hosting plan is set to expire in March 2025. At this point I have accomplished what I set out to do with this project and do not intend to renew my hosting plan or domain. With promotional pricing, I was able to absorb the initial costs for the hosting when I signed up. But with renewal coming up, I’m leaving it in your hands. If we can drum up enough money to cover running the site, I will gladly keep it operating. I am not interested in monetizing it. I felt that running ads over the calculator would really detract from the user experience.

So here’s my simple pitch: if you would like to support the site and keep it running beyond March 2025, please donate through the Donate page. 

We only need to raise $300 USD to keep things going for 4 more years. If you use and appreciate what I’ve put together here and would like to see it continue, please consider supporting it. I’ve enjoyed interacting with many of you and seeing just how nerdy we can get with this bike geometry stuff.